What is so terrible about two year olds? 

Listen, friend. I will never be one to tell another mom who is trying that she is wrong. Or dad, either. I am never going to shame you or make you feel guilty for not cherishing every moment or remembering “the days are long but the years are short,” or that one day you’ll miss this. No, I will not. I mean, if you love your kids and you protect them and give them food then A+ to you, I say! 

But honestly, what is this business about the terrible twos? Granted, my oldest kid is 4 so it’s not like I’m an expert on all the ages. But with the two kids I’ve had, two has been a delightful age. Who says funnier things than a two-year-old? And sure, they may throw a fit now and then but do your older kids and babies not also do that? I mean, at least they can communicate what they are throwing a fit about! Babies just scream and scream and you have to assume it’s some mystical ailment called “colic.”

I’m just a mom, standing in front of the internet, saying I like two-year-olds. Is that so wrong? 

#abolishageism #2yearoldsarefunny

I googled it and found at least one person who agrees with me! Mainly I’m just writing this for the mama of the six-month-old who might be thinking six-month-olds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and are terrified it will get worse when they have a two-year-old. It will get worse in some ways, I guess. But so much better in others. And isn’t that the whole story of parenthood? 😉

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