5 ways to use up that leftover Easter ham

Y’all, Easter was just yesterday and I’ve already eaten a ham sandwich on a hot roll for supper last night and a ham and egg biscuit for breakfast this morning. I still have a huge pile of ham in the fridge (Why did none of my guests take any with them? Why did I buy the biggest ham in America? How does the Posi-track on a Pontiac work?). I feel like I better get creative before lunch rolls around. I have gathered up some recipes and decided to share them in case you are like me and you want to put that tasty, delicious pork to good use and not get tired of ham sandwiches. Check out the links below to find your new love!

What’s your favorite way to have ham?

Ham &  cheese puff pastry bake– Similar to a sandwich except a million times better

Ham and green lentil soup– It’s healthy because it has lentils.

Scalloped potatoes and ham from the Pioneer Woman- If you also have leftover scalloped potatoes…jackpot!!

Ham, cheese and veggie quinoa frittatas– these are great for a make-ahead breakfast!

Cobb salad from Damn Delicious- Sorry for the cuss word but her recipes will never let ya down.




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