Writing your child’s birth story

What day of your life has a bigger impact than the day your kids are born? It’s the day everything changes! It would be such a shame to lose those precious, amazing memories to the foggy haze of sleep deprivation and newborn overwhelm!

That’s why I created this worksheet to help walk you through the process of writing about the day your baby was born!

I’m a storyteller and a storyreader by nature so it seemed automatic that I would record those momentous occasions for posterity. Plus, I weirdly love reading other people’s birth stories. When I published the posts to my blog, I got so many messages from people saying they loved reading about our experiences. I guess it is such a personal thing that we may not always get to glimpse these intimate details about one another.

Whether you care to share your story with the whole internet or not, it’s still important to record. I promise that one day your kids will want to know every detail of the day they entered the world. But, I also realize that all those details can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know what to write. So, that’s why I came up with the Free Birth Story Worksheet. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to document this occasion.

And what better time to roll it out than leading up to Mother’s Day (which is next month, people)? Whether you take the time to fill it out for yourself as a way to reflect and remember your experience OR if you are a dad who does it for the mother of your child, it will be a sweet thing. (Seriously, if you are a dad you should do this and make your wife cry and she will think you are a shining star. If you know a dad who needs some brownie points, go ahead and share this post with him!)

In case you are interested, here is the story of Jack’s birth and the story of Case’s birth, both written soon after the actual day. I may need to revise these before my kids can read.

If you want to share your stories with me after you write them, PLEASE send me a link or just an email if you aren’t publishing it. I truly would love to read your baby’s birth story. Have fun!

P.S. I know some birth stories are hard or don’t have happy endings. Please know that my heart goes out to you, mamas (and daddies). For me, though it may be painful, writing about traumatic experiences is really healing. I hope it is for you too. If you ever want prayer, please contact me and I will be honored to lift you up.

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