I made a new friend (and she wants to give you something)

Yes, as goofy as I am, I occasionally make another friend besides you. And this gal is a good friend to have because she likes to produce tons of awesome resources and then give them away. FOR FREE! (Speaking of “fo free,” does anyone remember this sweet video?)

Becca is a young mom with a delightful English accent and apparently her stuff all together. I mean, her tagline over at Homemakers in Action is “Help for the undomesticated homemaker.” Hello. That’s me. She’s not only kicking tail at the whole homemaking thing, but she’s also doing impressive things as an online business owner. Hello. That’s future me. So, as you can see, Becca and I are a match made in Heaven. She has what I need and I need what she has. And, because you’re my friend, I thought you might be interested in what she has too.

Check it out. The Time Management Toolkit. Um, yeah. Let’s get one of those. Okay, it’s free and look at what all is in it. This blows me away, seriously. #freebiegoals #Iwanttomakeallthethings

  • A video training guide on goal setting (I have got to work on goal setting!!)
  • A 10-page goal setting workbook
  • An 11-page morning and evening routines workbook
  • A printable and customizable habit tracker
  • A time management apps checklist
  • Cheat sheets for self care, cleaning and prayer hacks (prayer hacks! that cracks me up, I don’t know why)
  • 3 motivational posters for you to print out and display in your home

So, that’s it. Just some free stuff you might like. And while I am focusing on the Time Management Toolkit, Becca has tons of other free resources on her site so feel free to shop around!

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Ps I have a new free thing coming soon! It is already done, I just have to find time to post it!

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