How to do the quick hustle

Just so you know, I invented the phrase “quick hustle.” I mean, it’s not copyrighted or anything but when it goes viral, I just want you to remember you heard it here first.



Anyhoo, here is how and why you do the quick hustle.

You might need to make a quick buck one day. You know, like when you are in school and can’t work full-time yet you have full-time bills and your tire explodes? Or you get laid off unexpectedly but you still need to buy your prescription? Stuff like that. It usually isn’t a way to make a lot of money but it should be enough to buy plenty of eggs and oranges to get you through (Did you know you could live off eggs and oranges and be healthy? I’m pretty sure it’s true).

Step 1. Sell everything non-essential. Decor off the walls is a great place to start. This used to be harder to do but then we got Craigslist and then, even better, we got Facebook yard sale groups. Literally sell everything you can. Sell small stuff for $5 because it will add up if you have enough small stuff. Yes, it takes time but desperate times call for desperate measures. You could have a garage sale if you have a ton of things but to me it seems like you can make more selling online item-by-item. If you have a car payment, GET RID OF THAT THING. Even if you are upside down, talk to your bank and see what you can do. Even if you don’t have a car payment, you might consider selling your vehicle if it is worth anything and buying a beater. I once got a $500 Honda that was all wrecked up but it ran like a champ! I drove it until I had a baby to consider. A car seat wouldn’t fit in the back because it was a two-door and the back seat was pretty smashed in. 🙂

Step 2. Look for free or super cheap stuff on Facebook yard sale sites and Craigslist that you can resell. Craigslist has a free section and some towns have “freecycle” groups on Facebook. This is not a guaranteed way to make money because obviously you never know when someone will be giving away something valuable but check often. Once I made a bunch of money because someone was moving and put a lot of stuff out by the curb for free. In that pile were two large dog crates! Hello! I knew I could sell those for at least $25 each. So look for things like that. College towns are so good at the end of semesters because of students moving and not being able to take things with them.

Step 3. Facebook has also made this step a lot easier. Ask everyone in the universe if you can clean their house and/or detail their cars. You have to do a good job on this because you might need to use it again some day and they aren’t going to hire you back if you do it half-way.

Step 4. Cancel any services that you don’t have to have. Yes, you basically do have to have the internet to navigate the world these days but if you are able to get to the library or anywhere else that has free wi-fi, do that. Cable TV is not essential.

Step 5. Don’t buy food until you have to (and then buy the cheap stuff like eggs and dried rice and beans and oatmeal). Use all the weird odds and ends that you have in the pantry. No lie, I once ate spaghetti for breakfast. It was actually super gross and next time I think I would just skip breakfast.

Step 6. Bake stuff to sell. Once again, thank you Facebook. If it is close to a holiday, you are in double luck. People are big on homemade cinnamon rolls and pies. It is best to secure the orders before you buy the supplies, that way you make sure you aren’t spending more than you will make.

Step 7. Go cash in your change jar. Please tell me you keep a change jar.

Step 8. Besides cleaning, sometimes people need other chores done, too. One thing I have done before is ironing. People like it when you can pick up the stuff, take care of it and drop it back off for them. It makes things easy for them and the easier you can make things for someone, the more valuable your services will be to them. You could grocery shop or run all kinds of errands.

Step 9. This is a great time to work those skills you have that other people need. If you know how to use a certain software or fix cars or roof a house, tell everyone in the world what you can do and ask if you can do it for them. Check the Craigslist “gigs” section too.

Step 10. You could babysit. I haven’t ever gone this far but you could.

Of course, if you are in big trouble or anyone in your house is going hungry, you need to reach out for help. Check the local food pantries. If you don’t know where to go, call a church and ask them. They can usually tell you who all in town provides what.

Also, the real step one is to pray.

Have you ever done a “quick hustle?” Tell us all about it!


2 thoughts on “How to do the quick hustle

  1. Megan

    Since moving to OKC, I participate in Step 4. I don’t have cable or internet. When we move, I do think we will get internet again, but it is so nice to not have that monthly bill.


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