The weirdest most wonderfulest two days of my life

Does the word “wonderfulest” have two L’s or just the one? *This post contains details about labor and delivery. Nothing too graphic but if you don’t want to know, you should probably stop reading right now. Also, it’s really long and that’s mainly not because I think you all care to know every detail but […]

Jack turns two

It’s the second anniversary of the day we met Jack. What valleys and mountain tops we have traversed! What lessons I have learned! God has used him to make me a new person and to bring smiles to everyone he meets. Here’s a little about how Jack lives his life as he turns two. He […]

Birth Story Worksheet

What day of your life has a bigger impact than the day your kids are born? It’s the day everything changes! It would be such a shame to lose those precious, amazing memories to the foggy haze of sleep deprivation and newborn overwhelm! That’s why I created this worksheet to help walk you through the […]