This is our little family! Doesn’t my husband look like Chip Gaines? I used to do other things (contract lobbying) but when Jack, our oldest, was born I became a stay-home mom.

I believe in Jesus, nineties country music and applying more blush if you don’t feel pretty. I’m the mom in line at Wal-Mart pushing an overflowing cart, yelling at a wandering preschooler and wrestling a toddler in mismatched clothes who is trying to climb out while she digs for her wallet which doesn’t seem to be in her purse at all. I am insecure about my forehead/temple bones which seem to poke out in all my pics now that I’m in my thirties.

I have always blogged (well, since like, 2005 when blogging became a thing) but I’ve never been very professional about it. I just put down what’s in my head when I felt like it. Now I’m trying to be more intentional with how I use this space.

As I learn more about the online world, I want to share my new knowledge with others. I am here to share the lessons I learn about homemaking, spirituality and how to do things online. Let’s face it, the internet is not going away and we are just going to grow more and more dependent as time goes on. We are wise to learn how to use it well! With all this new technology comes new opportunity! When else in history has a stay-at-home-mom been able to reach so many with her message? The sell-able (yes, I made that word up) product of our time is information and guess what…YOU have information to share! I have just recently realized it is an  abundant world with enough opportunity and audience for everyone. I used to think “That’s already been done” or “They can google that themselves and figure it out, they don’t need me.” But guess what- the Lord has taken me from a scarcity mindset of wanting to hoard what I have because I might not be able to get any more to one of abundance where I realize that there is more where that came from! Yes, what I can do probably already has been done and yes, they can figure it out on their own. But maybe I can make it easier. Maybe I present it with a unique perspective. So. Think about the skills or knowledge you have that someone else might need. Then, sign up for my email list and go on this journey with me as we discover how to transform our information into a product.


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