Avoiding Episiotomy

After I had my second baby (who was huge, btw), I shared a post about perineal massage and how it helped me to avoid having an episiotomy (when they cut your vag) during labor. Moms were super interested and I got tons of private messages, mainly from pregnant ladies, asking for more information.

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So, I have finally gotten around to writing out all the specifics with a lot more detail and I have put it all into a cute, fun little ebook. I feel strongly that books about vaginal cutting should be light and cheery.

One important reason I’ve decided to elaborate on this topic is that the labor and delivery nurses who helped with Big Baby’s birth were AMAZED that I did not need stitches (as was the doctor). When I credited it to perineal massage, they wanted to know how to do it. So. Obviously if the professionals aren’t in on this wonder, somebody needs to get the word out.

If you know any ladies who are currently pregnant or trying to conceive, they will love you FOREVER for sharing this post with them. I promise.

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